CRE Management Consulting

Optimising property portfolios generates business success. We aim for sustainability.

For many companies, the cost of property ownership is the second-largest cost item, next to personnel costs. This means that being negligent about your real estate could put your business success at risk sooner or later. That is the bad news. However, there is good news too. First of all, there is optimization potential in any facility management approach and any real estate portfolio. And secondly, taking appropriate optimization steps will pay back faster and more substantially than most people think.

combine Consulting supports owners and users in all disciplines of corporate real estate management, from comprehensive requirements analysis, concept development, and assistance in the drafting and planning process through to building efficient operating models for new buildings and the existing asset portfolio. Our assessments will yield a clear and significant financial benefit. A rule of thumb in our industry says: Up to 90 per cent of the life cycle costs of a building are typically incurred after its completion. Thus, applying a corporate real estate management approach optimized by us will provide you with a very effective tool for cost containment.