We provide first-class advice so you can be sure that your real estate management meets your business needs – for the entire life cycle of your property.

A good building will support functions and organisations in their actions. It provides the spatial and infrastructural environment for the work tasks and processes that are performed there, and offers organisational and functional solutions for the multidimensional needs of its users.

We will assist you in analysing the diverse requirements of your organisation and transferring them into suitable concepts. One rule of thumb in our industry is: the greatest proportion of life-cycle costs is only incurred in the years after completion of a property. We will support you, ideally already in the early development stage of the building, with a detailed needs assessment and advise you on the conception of your real estate management in line with your requirements in order to optimise these costs for the long-term. We will accompany the design and planning process for the building, and if necessary optimise the architecture considering aspects such as the functional and organisational requirements, the use of space and, last but by no means least, the market-compliant capacity for third-party use.

In the building concept, we acknowledge your specific strategic needs with a holistic Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) as well as the operational processes of the management within the framework of Facility Management (FM) – so that you can realise the full potential of the building or property as a resource.

Your questions – our services on the topic of the Building

Which building offers the right environment for our organisation?

Form follows function: a good building is geared to the user’s current and future functional and organisational requirements, not the other way round. combine will help you with the relevant building and design checks and design planning and optimisation to achieve this state of affairs, to address the relevant topics when making the choice of property, and to take into account critical aspects of future viability at an early stage.

What building structure offers the greatest possible flexibility and capacity for third-party use?

As part of the architectural consultation, we make sure that you identify building structures that best support your organisational needs and allow for change. This includes both expansion and consolidation opportunities in terms of usage flexibility and the capacity for third-party use.

How much space does our organisation need, and what functions need to be displayed?

The structured assessment of requirements and strengths, including co-creative methods such as design thinking, is our strength. The appropriate space requirements and sustainable spatial-organisational infrastructures can be derived on the basis of this, so that your use of the space meets today’s requirements as well as those of the coming years.

What type of building is currently in demand on the market? What do users or tenants want today and tomorrow?

These questions are of relevance to investor and architectural competitions. With our expertise and experience, we support the development of user-specific building projects while taking market compliance into account. This enables us not only to create cost optimisation and value creation potentials, but also increases the probability of closing transactions with building users and reduces future vacancy risks.

What target group-specific narrative does our project development need in order to be successful on the market?

In times of potentially surplus office space, differentiation is more in demand than ever. With our advisory approach, we set your project development apart from the competition by providing a target group-specific user experience. As part of our architectural marketing, we think of the property as a holistic brand experience. Aspects of the asset classes „Retail“ and „Hospitality“ are also taken into account. As part of the narrative development, we consider the interaction between product or building properties with the requirements of the target group. The combination of area, usage and service mix, curation and design creates identification and generates the experience of the building as a „brand“.

How can buildings be converted or further developed?

With our expertise in the areas of architecture and detailed user understanding, we take a critical look at your property. We develop revitalisation and conversion concepts that will make your property future-proof – if necessary, even beyond the classic use as an office.

How do we organise an architectural competition? How can we judge which design best meets our requirements?

combine’s architectural consulting also includes support in the organisation and implementation of architectural competitions. This is where you lay the foundation stone for your future property – just the right time to decide on the usage concepts and the guiding principle. We prepare functional specifications as part of the award. And as part of the design review, we use an objective approach and scoring model to assess competition contributions in terms of compliance with the requirements, and highlight approaches to design optimisation. This enables us to ensure that the design concept of the building meets future user requirements in every respect.

How can the potential of real estate be fully exploited, economic land use guaranteed, and building and land management efficiently set up?

As part of the CREM consultation, we ensure not only that you operate your properties economically, but also that you operate your real estate portfolio as a strategic resource and are able to achieve the necessary flexibility. We will show you how you can support your core business according to your needs through future-oriented and efficient real estate management. Our services are diverse, and range from aligning management objectives with corporate strategy, the further development of structures and processes of CREM organisation and the implementation of KPIs for measuring success, to the optimisation of overarching standards.

How can the planning and implementation process of a new building be organised efficiently?

The conception and implementation of real estate projects require expertise, experience and assertiveness. We offer everything from a single source. As a trustee of your interests, we help you to achieve the goals set in „quality, time & budget“ as part of a comprehensive project management. Experienced project managers will be by your side on-site for the entire duration of the project. If required, combine will also provide the entire Project Management Office (PMO) to relieve your internal organisation, from the early stage of establishing the requirements to the comprehensive user coordination all the way to the final occupation of the building.

Economic use of space thanks to real estate management

We not only ensure that your business property provides the best support for your workflows and processes, we also keep a close eye on efficiency and cost optimisation.