CRE Management Consulting

Optimising property portfolios generates business success. We aim for sustainability.

For many companies, the cost of property ownership is the second-largest cost item, next to personnel costs. This means that being negligent about your real estate could put your business success at risk sooner or later. That is the bad news. However, there is good news too. First of all, there is optimization potential in any facility management approach and any real estate portfolio. And secondly, taking appropriate optimization steps will pay back faster and more substantially than most people think.

combine Consulting supports owners and users in all disciplines of corporate real estate management, from comprehensive requirements analysis, concept development, and assistance in the drafting and planning process through to building efficient operating models for new buildings and the existing asset portfolio. Our assessments will yield a clear and significant financial benefit. A rule of thumb in our industry says: Up to 90 per cent of the life cycle costs of a building are typically incurred after its completion. Thus, applying a corporate real estate management approach optimized by us will provide you with a very effective tool for cost containment.

Concepts for Operators and Service Providers

What kind of facilities do you need for your operations? To what extent does your infrastructure support your business continuity model? How efficiently are your property assets being managed? The answers to these questions harbour significant economic potential. combine Consulting will assist you in defining the appropriate service levels and create the best possible operator and service framework for your company. On your request we will identify the ideal service partners and operators for you. And, of course, we will make sure the optimised service concept is implemented smoothly.

Architectural Competitions

To find the best architects with the best ideas for a building project, an architectural competition is frequently the method of choice. However, it can only be as effective as the requirements and criteria it is based on. combine Consulting will support you in defining the task and the assessment criteria. We will help you select the planners to involve, check the basic parameters and advise you on the assessment of the design proposals submitted.

Investor Competitions

You need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. As for investor competitions, this means: to find the best partner for your project you must first define the proper requirements, then identify the candidates who will implement your requirements in an optimal fashion.
We will prepare a comprehensive package for you that will deliver the best possible answers to questions regarding the property and the building as well as financing and operation.

Active Real Estate Management

It takes skill to manage real estate assets successfully. We will check the responsibilities, workflows and activity structures of your asset and facility management and help you redefine your property management so it will be both efficient and profitable.

Revitalisation / Re-use

We have been around since 1956. With six decades of experience in the office property market, we know what is going to be in demand next.
When your office building begins to show signs of wear, you can benefit from our expertise: combine Consulting will develop new concepts to ensure your asset's continued development and long-term value retention.

Office Relocation Management

As desirable as a move to a new site might be, it usually involves unpredictable expenses, significant effort and severe disruption of business operations. Unless, of course, you leave it to us to organise everything for you.
combine Consulting will prepare a tightly organised schedule making sure your routine operations are not compromised any more than absolutely necessary. We will put the required services out to tender, coordinate the contract work and ensure timely execution within your budget so you can fully focus on what matters most to you: arriving without worries at the new site, and reassuming business activities right away.

Efficient Processes

Experience shows that most processes harbour potential for acceleration, simplification and improvement. In most cases, the hidden potential savings and value are actually underestimated!
combine Consulting's implementation-focused consultancy approach makes sure these "hidden assets" are utilised and company processes optimised sustainably. This will benefit not only your bottom line but also and, in particular, your employees. Once all obstacles have been eliminated, you will be amazed to see the sudden increase of freedom for creativity, ideas and performance.