CRE Strategy Consulting

A well-designed strategy is the result of systematic analysis and bespoke solution development. We deliver success.

With substantial financial commitments and long-term consequences to consider, real estate decisions have a significant effect on your company's strategy, balance sheet, and ultimately its growth opportunities, no matter whether you are an investor, project developer, owner or user of property. Therefore combine Consulting will work with you to develop bespoke corporate real estate strategies that are precisely tailored to your business model and strategy, your global or regional focus and your economic situation. We will make sure your property will be a driver of growth for you, rather than a stumbling block.

However, a strategy is only as good as its implementation, and we will not leave you behind once you have made your strategic decision. Backed by broad project and change management expertise, we will support every step you take in implementing and further developing your strategy.

Location Planning / Master Plan

As the term “real estate” suggests, what you are dealing with are solid, tangible assets. But that does not mean they cannot be given new significance in the owner's business and investment strategy. With careful design and planning, the long-term economic viability of property can be optimised, the risk of vacancy mitigated, and site-specific advantages maximised. combine Consulting will evaluate suitable alternative sites for you. We will calculate your medium-to-long-term space needs and create a facility master plan based on all relevant factors so you will have the right building at the right location and at the right time.

Business Case Analysis

How will your market environment and your business model evolve? What should you expect from the real estate and capital markets? Should you rent, buy, build or sell? And if any of the above: when and how should you do it?
These are crucial questions for property developers and users. It is not only the property itself which has to be a good match for your company and its business model; you must choose the right financing model as well. As experts with decades of experience who are intimately familiar with all the details we can help you avoid errors from the beginning and make sure you are on the road to success. We will determine the relevant economic fundamentals for your project, examine its viability and help you make the right decisions.

Investment Decisions & Financing Models

combine Consulting will evaluate all relevant alternatives, work with you to create a suitable investment and divestment concept and assess it from the perspective of each relevant stakeholder. All relevant committees will be included in this process. The financing models developed by us are audit-proof, compliant with all applicable regulations and policies, and sure to drive your company's success.

Profitability Analyses

Are your real estate assets truly profitable? And, no less importantly: how profitable might they be? We will analyse the critical parameters for the economic success of your assets and develop recommendations to increase their efficiency. We will apply dynamic methodologies and calculation models so you can always adapt your activities to changing conditions in your business ecosystem.

Transactional Advice

Real estate transactions are frequently as complex as new-building projects, and just as rife with pitfalls. Therefore, before you purchase or sell property, let us identify your opportunities and risks, and perform your organisational due diligence for you. Our objective analysis will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and seize opportunities in the most effective way.