Design defines the user experience. Both are focal points at combine design. Because an inspiring environment creates room for success.

We spend much of our lives in offices, hotels and public spaces. We perceive all of these spaces individually. When we give shape to an environment we must ask ourselves what it is we want to express – towards both, the internal and the external world. combine wants to support its clients in giving purpose and direction to the way their environment is experienced.

Design as we understand it means creating work environments which make the occupants feel comfortable and supported in their activities, allowing them to identify with their place of work.
As specialists in the design of working and living spaces, our combine design business unit develop environmental concepts for work, offices, hotels, stores and POS. The focus of a design is to achieve precisely the user experience the client envisions.

To us, property means more than buildings; work environment means more than offices; design means more than decoration; and people are not anonymous objects. We immerse ourselves into the client's organisation to analyse it and understand. Working closely with our client, we acquire profound insights so we can explore the future of their work.

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