Foundation stone laid for future Beiersdorf Campus



On 29 March 2019 the German skin care products manufacturer Beiersdorf AG laid the foundation stone for the company's future headquarters in a festive ceremony in the presence of Hamburg's First Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher. The site of the new Beiersdorf Campus at Hamburg's Troplowitzstrasse has been the home address of Beiersdorf AG for decades. By investing €250 million in the new complex, the company seizes the opportunity to combine all corporate functions, which have been located at three different sites, in a single location. combine Consulting has been supporting the company since early 2014 in preparing this ambitious building project. 
All in all the new and existing buildings on the campus will accommodate approximately 3,000 state-of-the-art office and lab workspaces. To make sure these workspaces are fit for purpose, employees from various business units participate in the planning process. The same concept will also support the implementation of the new corporate strategy C.A.R.E.+ which entails a realignment of the Consumer division. In 2018 the division contributed more than 80per cent to corporate sales. Facing massive tectonic shifts in the industry, Beiersdorf plans to invest an additional €70 to €80 million annually in broadening its global footprint as well as in innovation, digitalisation and employee training initiatives to continue the vigorous growth of recent years while improving the quality of growth. Both the plus sign in ‘C.A.R.E.+’ and the future Beiersdorf campus are expressions of the same corporate goal: To generate more long-term value for people and society. This intention is reflected in the new work environments at Beiersdorf which consistently implement the concept of activity-based design to account for the many different requirements and needs of Beiersdorf employees. A variety of concept modules and custom-designed functional zones will jointly form multifaceted, inspiring, freely selectable work environments which will be fine-tuned and implemented jointly by designers and employees under the guidance of combine Consulting. 
The campus consists of existing and new buildings. The centrepiece of the 60,000 square metre plot at Troplowitzstrasse will be the new corporate headquarters which will be ready for occupancy in 2021. It was designed by the well-known Hamburg architectural firm Hadi Teherani Architects. combine Consulting had helped Beiersdorf carry out the architectural competition in 2015. 
In addition, a new laboratory building, an additional office building and an underground car park will be erected at the site, which will also feature extensive outdoor facilities and green areas for sports and recreation. The entire complex will provide an additional 100,000 square metres of usable space above and below ground. By the year 2023 all employees will have moved from the current headquarters at Unnastrasse to the new Beiersdorf campus. 
Until the new main building is ready for operation, combine Consulting will continue to support Beiersdorf with user coordination and user-side project management. 

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