The Best Of Two Worlds

macon and Quickborner Team are joining to create combine Consulting in 2015, merging two of the most reputable consulting firms of the German real estate industry. Their combined experience in the consulting business and their history spanning six successful decades will be a great foundation for the newly established company.


Since its formation in 1998, macon has been known for efficiency. From the very beginning the company has been inspired by the vision of bringing a new focus to the real estate industry: to blend its customers' successful business models with optimised real estate management. macon has been striving to achieve measurable efficiency gains by reducing costs, improving communication and facilitating collaboration. Its work is based on a holistic view of the future of work, industry-specific developments, innovative technologies and new workplace design concepts.

Within 16 years, macon evolved from a small, owner-managed consulting firm into a major player in the German-speaking real estate consultancy industry. With offices in Hamburg, Essen and Munich and a staff of more than 30 professionals, macon delivers an interdisciplinary array of services across regional borders.

Over the last few years macon has won accolades as one of the leading consultancy firms supporting decision-makers with expert advice and services for the entire property life cycle and beyond. Based on proven strategies, macon has created and implemented numerous successful development concepts delivering clear bottom-line benefits.

Quickborner Team

Established in 1956 as the consultancy division of an innovative manufacturer of office furniture, Quickborner Team quickly evolved to become Germany's leading consulting firm for office organisation. The team concept was not only key to successful collaboration with customers but also the basis of company culture. For example, during the 1960s the managing directors of QT were elected for a limited term by the employees. Several years later, the consultancy relocated from Quickborn, its namesake city in Schleswig-Holstein, to Hamburg.

During those years QT was active internationally from Sweden all the way to Brunei. It even opened offices in the United States and Venezuela. One of Quickborner Team's office organisation concepts, called "office landscaping", became popular around the world. In Sweden, for example, the "Kontorlandscapet" became a standard for office planning, and in the US more than 100 consulting firms adopted the office landscaping concept imported by Quickborner Team.

In Germany QT was involved in the planning of the relocation of the federal government from Bonn to Berlin, one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by Germany. QT prepared office layout and facility studies as well as space demand programmes for various federal ministries on behalf of the federal government. As a result, the required floor area was reduced significantly, and cost savings of roughly half a billion euros were achieved.

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