We support your business goals with sound location planning.

Whether you’re a user, investor, project developer or portfolio holder, location and real estate decisions have a huge impact on business development. We help you to develop strategies for location planning and the real estate portfolio that are tailored to your business model and your corporate strategy as well as the economic conditions and local markets, and offer you the necessary flexibility.

Your questions – our services on the topic of Location

How can we optimise our long-standing real estate portfolio?

We consider your inventory objectively and from various corporate strategic and real estate perspectives. The jointly-developed location strategy and planning will support you to optimally tailor your location and your real estate portfolio to the future developments and operational needs of your company. If appropriate, we will measure any existing functional and refurbishment deficits in accordance with future organisational and regulatory requirements as well as possible development opportunities in local markets.

How do existing and future locations fit into our expansion or consolidation strategy?

combine will support and accompany your location strategy and planning. We will work with you to analyse the options, compare different scenarios objectively using tailor-made investment and financial models, and advise and support you with transaction consulting.

How do our properties turn from being a pure cost factor into a strategic resource?

We look at the details and use functionality and cost-effectiveness analyses, along with business case models, to illustrate real estate-strategic alternatives. This enables us to open up possible optimisation potentials. It also gives you the necessary transparency on your inventory both from an economic and from a functional point of view so you can make the right decisions.

Which location narrative allows us to increase the degree of target achievement?

The trend of „New Urbanism“ shows a development towards a cross-purpose integration of building groups or campus structures in the existing local context. Community building and user experiences can be generated through a more intensive environment and neighbourhood relationship. This has a positive influence on the development of districts, reduces the risk of vacancy, strengthens the perception of the location, and so also increases the performance of your property. combine will support you in developing the right narrative for this integration.

What added value can we derive from the interaction between buildings and the urban environment?

Buildings can have a significant influence on the micro location of a district, but by the same token can also be influenced by the macro perspective of urban developments, and experience a corresponding value development. We will work with you to answer the question of whether and how your real estate portfolio can be integrated into the urban environment both functionally and architecturally, and where there is potential for development.

We will help you to optimise your real estate portfolio for your business goals.

Location counts, especially when it comes to office real estate. We will support you with your location planning, and work with you to develop a real estate strategy that is a perfect fit for your business model.