combine Consulting offers a unique combination of strategic vision and expertise in real estate, and the ability to implement strategies and concepts successfully. Everything we do ultimately serves one purpose: to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers.

As generalists we offer unmatched expertise in all processes of the real estate business, from strategy development through to project management. With this expertise we support stakeholders in the real estate industry: users, builder-owners and property specialists. As experts we provide the most comprehensive know-how in the design, planning and implementation of modern work environments in all of Europe. Our services rely on a combination of competencies, including business administration, social sciences, architecture and engineering plus nearly six decades of experience in organizational facility planning.

So, we know what we are doing. We combine proven methodologies with innovative ideas. We not only develop best-of-class concepts, we also put them on the road to success, and reliably so. We serve companies of any size and type, all across Europe. Including yours.

Business Areas

Our name says it all: combine Consulting stands for a combination of detailed knowledge and strategic vision in the real estate business. Our range of services includes all disciplines of corporate real estate (CRE) strategy, CRE management consulting and the development of office and work environments. We offer superior expert consultancy services for all specialized matters and projects of the real estate business to users and processionals alike. At the same time we maintain a strategic perspective for the big picture. Drawing on decades of experience in project and change management we make sure your designs and projects are implemented efficiently.

Customer Focus

Your perspective is our perspective. We advise property users and planners as well as investors and developers on designing and planning their buildings and projects. We always do so independently, reflected and on the basis of our combined expertise from roughly six decades. Thanks to our in-depth experience we are just as familiar with the concerns of users and tenants as we are with the perspective of investors, developers and owners. This is one of combine Consulting's core strengths: by delivering concepts that account for the needs of all stakeholders, we create solutions that are both feasible and profitable for the long term.