To us, real estate is more than just buildings; working environments are more than just office space, design is more than just creating something – and people are more important to us than machines.

We employ user focus and regular changes in perspective to develop holistic real estate and design concepts as well as ground-breaking working environments, buildings, rooms and working worlds that become strategic instruments rather than merely being a pure cost factor.

Through the targeted combination of functionality and design, we generate unique user experiences that create identity through the perception of the organisation’s culture and brand philosophy.

How we work

Here, superlative advice meets inspiring design. We are real estate and user advocates, consultants, designers and implementers. Together with our clients, we gain new insights into the future of their work.

Independent and free from any bias

Be it a medium-sized or large enterprise: we analyse needs and identify the best functional and economic solution, without pursuing our own interests as we do so.

Measurable and successful

Functionality, cost-effectiveness and design: we always look at real estate in its entirety. This enables us to achieve measurable, long-term success for our clients.

People-centred and building identity

We focus on the individual. This results in outstanding user experiences that are not only functional, but also create identity and brand perception.

Reflective and tailor-made

We delve deeply into the user’s organisation to understand the needs. We question, release potential and develop requirement-compliant solutions.

Who we are

combine uniquely combines strategic vision and specialist knowledge of the real estate industry with excellent design. Based on the legendary Quickborner Team and the real estate consulting firm macon, we not only develop and design outstanding office concepts, but also implement them with great success.

We advise our clients on a wide range of topics relating to their office properties, from site planning to the actual building to the specific spatial design. Here, the focus is always on the work and its organisation.

Our colleagues are just as individual as our projects are. More than 80 experts with the widest range of skills and experience work at our four locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich. Because we firmly believe that the way to find the best solution is to look at a problem from as many angles as possible.

We are proud of our roots. Find out all about the history of combine and our predecessors, macon and the legendary Quickborner Team, here.

To the heritage

What drives us

An inspiring environment creates space for success. For our customers, we develop the best user experiences in order to unlock the full potential of their organisation. In our work, we start with our clients‘ individual structures and requirements and find tailor-made solutions.

Working environments create identity. We want to create an environment for our clients where they feel comfortable, that responds to their actions, and that supports them in their activities. A good office concept reflects the individual character of the organisation and allows identification. People are able to develop and grow beyond themselves in places like these. Good workplaces are a tangible experience.

What we stand for

Our many years of experience help us to understand the concerns of real estate users on the one hand, and those of developers and landlords on the other. Balancing these interests is our strength.

We don’t offer any off-the-peg services. We advise small- and medium-sized companies with just as much focus as we do listed large corporations and international organisations. Our client spectrum runs across all industries. We advise media and industrial companies, public administration, foundations and academic institutions.

User-centric office concepts as the basis for success

combine unites strategic vision with excellent design, and advises companies on every aspect of their office premises. But the focus is always on the individual.