Office Concepts & Workplace Solutions

A forward-looking office design will always stand up to new requirements. We deliver and implement advanced concepts.

Work changes. People change. Today's office environment no longer consists of a desk, a chair and a cabinet. It must meet entirely new requirements. Office design must go far beyond mere office planning to be sustainable and meet the requirements of the future. Designing a modern office means incorporating input from many disciplines, combining aspects of (collaborative) working culture, work organization and personnel development. Outdated office arrangements and workplaces are tantamount to a constant loss of efficiency, employee motivation and employer attractiveness to current and potential staff. Who can afford that?

Over the past six decades, combine Consulting and its precursors, Quickborner Team and macon, have redesigned hundreds of thousands of square metres of office space and other workplaces. We have successfully advised both German mid-sized companies and international corporations in the future-oriented redesign of their work environments, helping them create the best possible conditions for efficient work while positioning themselves as attractive employers. We will gladly assist you in developing future-ready workplaces for yourself and your staff.

Innovative space and work area concepts

We are global pioneers in advanced office designs and workplace solutions. We will identify and scrutinise new design ideas for our clients. Jointly with them, combine Consulting will define bespoke solutions that are not only in style but provide the right environment for more efficient and productive work.

Strategic space analysis / functional and zone programme

How will your company be positioned five or ten years from now? What will an office have to look like to foster efficient work and be a place where everybody enjoys working? How many square metres will you need to succeed?

Based on various alternative scenarios, combine Consulting's plans for your office and work environments will account for all conceivable future developments your company might undergo. All this is done using a company-specific functional and space planning programme designed specifically for your requirements and adapted perfectly to your economic, organisational and personnel priorities.

Design and utilisation optimisation

When optimising real estate projects, every detail matters. The sooner you identify existing potential, the more sustainable will be the benefits for you to reap. Even if you have a complete redesign draft, it is always advisable to have your plans reviewed by a competent, independent third party.
combine Consulting will perform a detailed functionality and usability assessment, examine the future requirements for facility management, and make sure that economic efficiency is maximised. Based on this, we will submit specific recommendations for optimising the design, utilisation and equipment of the building as a whole and its individual features.

User coordination

"Customisation" is a favourite term among project developers and investors when speaking about new property. However, a closer look reveals that many buildings are "one-size-fits-all": having been planned and built in a haste, they often fail to satisfy essential user needs.

We will closely examine the needs of the future users and do what we can to convince planners and project managers to incorporate them. combine Consulting will maximise space utilisation efficiency and keep you up to date during the building or rebuilding phase. The result will be a building that fits you like a glove from the first minute.

Office relocation and layout planning

A company site relocation project is an ideal opportunity to redesign workplaces so they will meet future requirements. While your company continues to focus on its core business activities, combine Consulting will analyse the status quo, look for optimisation potential, create optimised partitioning and layout plans and translate them into detailed to-do lists for your interior design, furniture and infrastructure planning. This will make sure your company will begin working at the new site with increased efficiency and flexibility and a more motivated workforce from the first day on.