In 2017, Continental AG held an architectural competition for the construction of its new corporate headquarters. The company put its trust in combine to support the tender.

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Architectural competition: New build of a company headquarters

In June 2017, the technology company Continental chose the architectural offices of HENN GmbH (Munich) as its architectural planner for the proposed construction of its new company headquarters in Hanover.

Continental AG, Hannover

A ten-member jury consisting of representatives of Continental, the city and the city council, as well as adjudicators and other experts, recommended the draft for realisation.

Außenansicht, Continental Hannover

Renowned architectural offices from Germany and abroad participated in the competition, and a total of 13 designs were submitted. combine was tasked with determining the requirements, was involved in the preparation of the planning basis for the competition, and supported the jury in the capacity of an expert.

Images: ©Continental AG/HENN

Ansicht von oben, Continental AG, Hannover

Project period






Usable area

38.800 m²