Scout24 AG: ‘New Office Munich’



Scout24 AG

MUNICH – On 19 March Scout24 AG, a leading operator of digital marketplaces with a focus on real estate and automobiles in Germany and other selected European countries, moved its Munich office to the new site called ‘Leuchtenbergring-Office’ in the city district of Haidhausen. combine Consulting and combine Design supported the planning activities for the ‘New Office Munich’ since mid-2016, from the initial requirements analysis stage to the development and implementation of the new, ‘activity-based’ office concept, through to active preparation of the employees for the relocation. combine’s new business unit ‘combine Design’ has been responsible for planning the entire internal architectural concept, putting a main focus on an attractive user experience.
Creating inspiring spaces is the purpose of Scout24’s project to relocate its Munich office to the new Leuchtenbergring Office complex at Bothestrasse. Since mid-March of this year, roughly 500 employees have been working at the new site, which covers approximately 8,000 square metres on three levels. The design of the new work environments focused on user comfort, functionality and modern technical infrastructure. The innovative office complex provides flexible, open spaces and communication “islands” as an optimal environment fostering the young, international Scout24 team’s cross-functional work. The ‘New Office Munich’ introduces a modern, activity-based work environment concept offering users not only 350 permanent work spaces but also more than 500 additional working areas adapted to their individual requirements and working preferences.

“I am glad we have been able to carry out this project together with combine Consulting and combine Design,” said Edith Albert-Denifl, Head of Central Administration & Facility Management at Scout24 who has been responsible for the mega project. “combine has made a major contribution to the planning process, not only through its far-ranging and innovative consultancy services but also by sharing creative ideas and its experience of many years.”

combine Consulting had supported the planning project for the New Office Munich since mid-2016: From the requirements analysis involving user workshops and interviews that addressed new forms of working, to determining the desk-sharing potential, through to preparing the renting decision based on detailed business case analyses and potential studies. Following the signing of the rental agreement, combine Consulting represented the interests of the future users vis-à-vis the parties in charge of planning and implementation to make sure that the spaces created for Scout24 will meet the defined requirements.

In developing and implementing the new office concept, combine Consulting not only accounted for the functional requirements modern work environments must fulfil, but also ensured a high-quality workplace design through its new business unit, combine Design. Following the leitmotif ‘Agile city – the digital mobility marketplace’, combine Design was responsible for planning and developing the entire interior architecture and design. “We found it important to focus our functional design work on providing highly flexible interior arrangements and furnishings while giving multi-functional working areas an identity. This included bespoke carpentry contracts for specific spaces,” summarises Norman Romeike, CEO of combine Design GmbH.“One of our key success criteria for this project was co-creating the interior design with Scout24.  Approaching the project with a clearly-defined design perspective, we worked closely with Scout24 to create a tailor-made user experience.”