As experts in modern offices, we will help you to create the ideal working environment – for today and tomorrow.

Based on the analysis and understanding of your requirements, we will work with you to develop your working environments that map your organisation’s tasks and processes functionally and spatially. In combination with a sustainable design, this will enable us to generate a user experience that delights your staff and appeals to new talents. Together we will create a working environment that encourages good working.

The pandemic has greatly accelerated one particular trend. In future, modern offices will have to offer an added value that goes beyond mere functionality. There will have to be lively places for exchanges and encounters that make the feeling of „us“ and the culture of an organisation tangible, and thus create identification. The integration of mobile working, e.g. working from home, is for us an elemental part of a holistic spatial concept.

We combine the fundamental success factors of the three asset classes Hotel, Retail and Office.
By combining hospitality aspects, brand perception and functionality, we create user experiences with identification potential in modern offices.

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Which spatial concept optimally supports our way of working?

The demands on our working environment are changing. We don’t only consider the desk and chair, don’t just plan an office, but we always think of the whole aspect of work and working. For us, office concepts are curated „total works of art“ that always combine aspects of the building, technology and features in the interplay with your company’s work culture.
We work with you to develop tailor-made solutions that stand for better working even beyond classic concepts such as the combined office, open-plan office, open space or business club. We always focus on your goals and processes without losing sight of flexibility and costs. For us, there is no such thing as the best general office concept or a single correct working environment. Our benchmark is always your organisation, culture and colleagues.

How can we create working environments and spaces that support our organisation's way of working?

For more than 60 years, combine has successfully been developing innovative office and spatial concepts. We analyse your organisation’s requirements and design a working environment that will give you what you need, from the area organisation to the specific design and features, today and in the future.

How can the culture of our organisation be translated into space and used to create identity?

Good design uses the effectiveness of the space to make your organisation’s culture and the brand philosophy tangible – and in doing so combines the user’s needs for functionality, ergonomics and well-being. To achieve this, we first look inwards. What does your company stand for, what values does it represent, and what is its mission? With this understanding, we develop a specific narrative and design spaces so that they create identity for your colleagues and clients.

What approach to the development of the future world of work suits our organisation, and how can we integrate users in the development process?

Co-creative processes and user participation are essential for the success of a modern spatial concept. You decide the degree of integration. We ensure that communication and cooperation are focused. This creates acceptance.

How much and what design suits our organisation?

We carry out a design analysis at the beginning to define your identity This enables us to create the right foundation for an individual environment.
This step is just as elementary for us as the functional requirements analysis, because good design doesn’t happen by chance. It is a conscious decision that always fulfils a specific function.

What can I expect during the creation of an interior design plan?

The expected complexity of the project depends on the degree of change. This is determined in the earliest stage of the project, which is why the design analysis, your vision and goals are so important to us.
We accompany you throughout the entire process, from the conception and planning, the tendering process and support with the implementation, to the occupation of the new premises and, if desired, beyond.

We create a working environment that encourages good work.

As an expert in room concepts and interior design, combine will help your company to develop the ideal design for a modern office.