Working environments in transition

Right now, the way we work is changing faster than ever – locally, spatially, technically and culturally. With our many years of experience and in-depth expertise, we help you to make working as efficient as possible and to position yourself as an attractive employer. We work with you to develop the working environment of the future, and actively involve your colleagues in both the planning and the implementation. We help to build an exemplary change management team, accompany the transformation and implementation of the new working environment, and thoroughly check its effectiveness.

Your questions – our services on the topic of Work

How will we be working in the future? How much New Work will suit my company?

combine will help you to answer these questions by taking a look at your organisation. Because New Work can be something different for every company. First, the term does not directly refer to other forms of space, but rather an entirely new way of working together and leadership. Based on this understanding, we work with you to develop the appropriate working environment and usage concept for the future of work and working.

How do we develop a future-oriented working environment for our organisation?

With targeted user integration and coordination, we create an environment that facilitates the development of an ideal guiding principle for your future working environment. This is not only about positioning your organisation as an attractive employer for potential future talents, but it goes without saying that we also have your current colleagues in mind.

How can we empower our colleagues to understand and embrace the aspects of the new working environment?

Our aim is to use a specific change management to prepare your colleagues for a new working environment with all its possibilities, but also with its novelties, and to think about the transformation of work.
This change support facilitates the acceptance, identification and also the enthusiasm for New Work. It also boosts your colleagues‘ identification with the company values and reinforces the feeling of „us“.

How can mobile working and desk-sharing be introduced?

Based on future-proof working styles, we determine the potential of mobile working and desk-sharing for your company. From this we develop a holistic usage concept in a participatory way, and coordinate it with the relevant stakeholders (managers and works councils). We use appropriate participation measures to bring the new concept to life.

We pave the way into the future of working.

With years of experience and in-depth change management expertise, we will support your company as you optimise the efficiency of your workflows and position yourself as an attractive employer.